moving on

moving on

It has been over 7 years since I pulled over in a Wawa parking lot in Jackson, NJ to take a call from a manager at Apple. At the time I was working somewhere that made me miserable and I took a chance and listened to my mom and applied at Apple. I got the job and the people at that store quickly became my second family. We all spent most of our time working there so our lives were all intertwined. A few years later I met Todd who also started there 😍. A few years after that we decided to move to Brooklyn together and I transferred to upper west side.
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Power Hair ✨

I’ve been seeing Carli for all things hair for a few years now. She recently moved to Power Hair in Bushwick and I couldn’t wait to check it out since it’s about 3 blocks from my apartment.
The salon is very cozy and on this day Amanda’s pup was hanging out there which made me love it even more. Carli & Amanda play good music and they’re very easy to talk to. I’m so glad I have this little gem in the neighborhood and would recommend this spot to everyone!

here are some salon photos so you guys can see how clean and adorable this place is-

*salon photos property of Power Hair


Carli cut and colored my hair and it was exactly what I needed. It’s been a weird few weeks (months…years…?) so I was super excited to change up my hair. I love my cut, love my color. We cut a bunch of hair off and I feel like a new person!

Contact the ladies over at Power Hair BK for some hair fun and let them know I sent you ☺️😉

you can also email Carli at:

the lovely Carli

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We recently switched vets and now The Neighborhood Vet comes to our apartment to care for Lincoln. She’s great and he’s obsessed with her. At his check up we found out he’s going to need one but possibly two surgeries for brachycephalic syndrome. Thankfully we have insurance (Healthy Paws) and they just confirmed the surgery will be covered because it wasn’t a pre existing condition. 

Any type of surgery scares me so much because there’s a lot of risks but we know Lincoln needs this to enjoy his life more and be able to run around and hang outside in warmer weather. He currently has to be brought in after 10-15 min of playing at the park but he would love to run around for hours with his puppy friends. 

Please send us happy thoughts, we will post updates on the surgery date when we know.


On a cooler day last week we went to the palisades park and had some fun with Lincoln.. here’s some photos!

*Law & Order music playing*

This will be long and at times a huge run on bad. I have too many emotions to care right now–
Yesterday morning one of our new neighbors downstairs told todd she heard people “partying” in the back apartments which nobody lives in. After walking inside the apartments, we saw hoodies, empty beer bottles, cigarettes, blunt guts and a bunch of phone chargers scattered in one of them. All windows were unlocked, backyard door unlocked, one of the windows was even broken near the lock. I was so upset that our neighbor didn’t feel the need to report someone breaking in but whatever, we didn’t hear anything last night so we couldn’t have done anything. 

Fast forward to last night about 11:45pm. Todd went outside for a bit and on his way back in, he texts me “I think I hear voices coming from the back apartments” so I run to our bedroom and look down our window and sure enough, all the lights are on downstairs and I saw a shadow move against the wall. Todd and I looked down for about 20-25 minutes just wanting to be sure before calling the cops and the movements were so small and so spread out, I couldn’t convince myself to call so I finally said okay I’m tired if I see one more movement I’m calling. 

I pre dialed 911 and sat on my windowsill looking down as todd did something else a few feet away. 

Suddenly, a man runs up our fire escape and keeps running up another floor.

I shot backwards off the bed with Lincoln in hand, screaming GET AWAY FROM THE WINDOWS THERE’S SOMEONE ON THE FIRE ESCAPE. Todd grabbed a knife in case it came to that and a flashlight and shined it out the window to scare him off but he was already upstairs somewhere. I called 911 gave a description and within 1.5 min we had cops IN our bedroom going up our fire escape, on the roof, and all over the building. After a few minutes, they didn’t see anyone on the roof so we thanked them, got a cops contact info and as he was leaving we heard on his walkie “we got something downstairs”

Apparently while there were a million cops in the hallway, 3 guys tried to exit our building and came out of one of the back apartments pretending like they lived here and almost pulled it off until one of the cops was like “wait wait wait he matches the description of the one she saw” 

All 3 were arrested for breaking and entering. The man I saw run up the fire escape had a fake gun tucked in his pants and has apparently used it in the past to rob people on the street. He has been arrested multiple times for other offenses and even once in this apartment building two years ago when nobody lived here. The one I saw running is apparently “going away for a while” because they’ve given him a lot of chances and even talked to him and his mom about how he needs to change his ways and be good for his mother and the very next day he was in trouble again.

 I’m just glad they were all caught and nobody got hurt and we didn’t get robbed. So much could have happened and I’m so thankful to all the cops that showed up last night and took our concern seriously even before they found the guys, they made me feel so comfortable and I think my whole body stopped shaking about 25 minutes later after they kept talking to me. 

I know we live in bushwick and the area is “changing” but it doesn’t matter where you live or how much you pay in rent for your fancy apartment. Things happen everywhere.


And please call the police if you know something is going on specially INSIDE your own apartment building. This could have been over the night before last night but because someone was afraid to call 911, we had to deal with it last night and then couldn’t fall asleep for hours after it ended. 

We just kept looking out the window and I’m pretty sure I woke up every 20 minutes in a panic..but we’re safe.
Have a happy Sunday, friends.

true crime podcasts

A couple months ago I realized I listen to the same 20-40 songs on my commute to and from work. I decided to fall back in love with a bunch of podcasts- some new, some old (thanks Ariel S. for the help) so I just wanted to share what I’ve been listening to. They’re so addicting !!

Right now my number 1 podcast is…..


The stories are very well researched and told in detail. I don’t like too much side dialogue so this anonymous mysterious host is perfect for me. I get so wrapped up in the way he talks about each case, time flies by when I’m on the train. A really great episode is Case 50: Jennifer Pan. My sister even listened to this one because the description is so intriguing.

My second favorite is Sword & Scale. This podcast also has great story telling like the one above minus the Australian accent. Episodes 87 and 88 are CRAZY.

I find myself researching the cases and searching for updates when I finish each episode. I have a couple more I listen to that I’ll list below.

 Please make sure you’re okay with graphic language and graphic descriptions of crime scenes (sometimes) because they can get pretty intense. 


The life changing magic of…

When we moved into our new apartment I had so many ideas about how to decorate it. Fast forward almost two months and I still have 1 box on the floor -it was two boxes yesterday- and 0 things framed out of about 5894. Yesterday I ordered some Command products for same day delivery on amazon and I feel like a new person already and I’m not even done. I ran out of everything I bought otherwise there would be way more photos but I just wanted to share and say you don’t need to nail stuff to the wall or screw things in. These command products are so awesome!

For the necklace organizer I used the medium hanging strips.

and for my bags I used two of the medium hooks.

I plan on getting a lot more of the picture hanging strips so I can hang up my perfect painting by Danielle Stratford Art.

Am I the last one to find out about these command strips? I haven’t decorated in years because I thought I had to start nailing things everywhere 😅


Social media and customer support

For a few years now I’ve been reaching out to big companies online whenever I want to give praise or need support from them. I’m a big fan of avoiding phone calls at all cost so Twitter has seriously changed my life. Companies have been stepping up their game on social media and most companies, I’ve found, will tweet at you very quickly offering their help or thanking you for supporting them. 

The reason I hate phone calls is because I just hate talking on the phone in general. You never know if the rep helping you will be nice or horrible. I also feel like I can get more done if I just send out a quick tweet. People usually don’t believe the amount of help I’ve gotten on twitter until I show them my feed.

I also want to clarify- it’s not that I’m complaining to all these companies, it’s just a more efficient (and more comfortable) way for me to get ahold of them.

Recently we had a huge problem with Con Edison. After we moved we received a bill for our 1.5 months of living in our new place and the bill was for $950…… Todd called them and they nonchalantly told him the amount was correct and ended the phone call at that. I refused to believe it and I was convinced something was wrong so I sent them a tweet and within an hour we had already figured out there was an issue and how to fix it. TA DA!

Why couldn’t the person on the phone do the same thing the person on twitter did? we’ll never know.

What I do know is that customer service via social media is becoming more and more popular and I’m definitely a big supporter. 

Other companies I’ve had great success with:







My last little piece of advice is always be kind to customer service representatives. Supporting people that are frustrated is sometimes what I do and there is never a reason to personally attack or be rude to someone who is trying to help you!

Until next time,